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Cordless Torque Wrench
LDA/LAW series

90 - 6.000 Nm



Cordless Torque Wrench

Innovative, portable, reliable

The world's first Cordless Torque Wrench for applications up to 6.000 N·m allows fast, flexible use in the most diverse of bolting applications. Double patented bolting control and Li-Ion battery technology ensure powerful and enduring operation.

A unique safety system and microprocessor electronics, coupled with the new high-power gear unit make it into a genuine highlight in your machine inventory.

2010 the Cordless Torque Wrench has been awarded with the Plus X Award in the categories "High Quality" and "Ease of Use". Additionally it became "Best Product of Year 2010".


Cordless Torque Wrench LDA/LAW Solution series

150 - 13.000 Nm



Cordless Torque Wrench LDA/LAW Solution

Secure, documented, controlled

Our innovation and completely in-house development LDA Solution is equipped with a sunlight readable colordisplay.

Near all features of the LDA the LDA Solution stands out through its 1-Gear-Gearbox - which can archieve the highest torque in one single gear.

The integraded Documentation-Modul TRACK or QS allows you a documentation for over 10.000 screw connections and make a quality-assuring archiving possible when your work is done.

So the LDA Solution is absolutly Industry 4.0-suitable and satiesfies the requirement according to VDI/VDE 2862.